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Ngọc Lan SPa # điều trị sẹo rỗ

Ngọc Lan SPa # điều trị sẹo rỗ
Quay Phim + Chụp Ảnh + FlyCam
DUY VINH 0973.739.732


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  1. Mình bị sẹo, mk cứ dùng thuốc ở đây mấy ngày là khỏi link mua đây nhé https://shorten.asia/VNKdUJ3Y

  2. What the actual F#CK??? ?? This is some of the MOST CRAZY, MADE UP SH$T, HOKEY BS 'treatment' I've seen yet!!!! ????? Talk about STUPID!!!! ? This ? pisses me off!!! ??? That first itty bitty needle she prices the same softcover n over n over with, n half ass squeezed, was useless!! Then unto the 'injecting miracle serum'….WTH?!? She's NOT a Dermatologist n God only knows what she's sticking in there!! ? But then tops it off with ANOTHER needle stuck in and goes to town stretching that pore out n ruining her face even more with the pretense of 'working the serum around' when you can do THAT by just rubbing it a second or two. Oh, but wait…lets top
    it off with even MORE skin wrecking with the rolling pin cushion and the blood sucking mini vacuum!!!! ?? O M G the absolute stupidity here is unreal!!! ??? This poor gal is going to have a LOT worse damage than when she started n is going to end up at a Drs office!! ??? Watching that made me wanna just cry… ? I hope this gal never returns n gets real help instead of this STUPID QUACKERY!!! ???

  3. Wtf is that botox? … what is she even doing


  5. Why would you wipe the tip of the needle with the cotton and the stick it in the face .

  6. Nhìn vậy chứ đau lắm ?

  7. Mình ko bị nhg sợ quá 🙁

  8. Đau lắm m.n mình bị mụn 2 năm sẹo hết 2 má mà đang điều trị 3 tháng r giờ đỡ hơn 70%

  9. Bán thuốc điều trị ko ạ

  10. Xầm xí .ủ tê là được roiif

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